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Kevin Cooper

I studied at Stourbridge college of Art in the early 1970’s. Was influenced by “OP Art” and in particular by artists Victor Vasarely and Bridget Riley, was also very interested in Kinetic Art works by the likes of Naum Gabo especially the piece entitled “Standing wave”.

Sidetracked into owning and running a manufacturing business by a fascination with glass fibre. Worked on a variety of mundane production items but also made racing car bodies, full size design models for production cars such as the Vauxhall Corsa, and made ¼ scale models for the Jaguar XJ 220 super car.

Gave up the glass fibre business in the 1980’s and turned a long standing hobby, copper foil stained glass work as made popular and world famous by Louis Comfort Tiffany, into a small craft business which focussed mainly on ornate mirrors, jewellery boxes, Terrariums in a range of designs and kaleidoscopes.

A life long fascination with Victoriana and mechanical engineering, and steam engines of all sorts meant that he was always a Steampunk at heart, though he didn’t know it until he happened upon some steampunk gadgets on the Internet. It was quite a revelation.

Since then I've made a variety of steampunk items such as the ubiquitous brass goggles, lorgnette, and steampunk influenced kaleidoscopes which reflect style of the microscopes and other scientific instruments of the Victorian period, they are created using found items like Victorian brass candlesticks, clock gears and any other suitable pieces of machinery and featuring as much brass and mahogany as possible. I also make jewellery, weapons and canes.

I also make stage props, including a pair of goggles and a replica Dee Necronomicon for the Ororo Productions adaptation of H P Lovecrafts “The Dunwich Horror” for the London Horror Festival.

I continue to make Steampunk kaleidoscopes including bespoke commissions, some of which have gone to America.


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Kevin Cooper

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